10 Best Free AI Courses by Google

10 Best Free AI Courses by Google

Google has made a significant impact in the field of AI and ML education by offering a variety of courses for individuals at different skill levels.

Here are some of the best free AI and machine learning courses offered by Google:

1) Google AI:

Google AI provides a variety of research, tools, datasets, and publications. They sometimes offer lessons and tutorials, such as their “Machine Learning Crash Course”.

2) Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC):

This is a comprehensive introduction to the field of machine learning, its best practices, and its implementation with TensorFlow.

3) Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera by Andrew Ng (partly free):

While the entire course isn’t free, the video lectures are. This is a highly recommended series for those who are serious about diving deep into neural networks, deep learning, and their applications.

4) TensorFlow Tutorials:

TensorFlow, Google’s machine learning library, offers a range of tutorials, from beginner to expert, to help developers understand how to implement AI tools and solutions.

5) Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Machine Learning (on Udacity):

This course is part of the broader machine learning engineer nano-degree, but individual lessons can be accessed for free.

6) Android Basics: Machine Learning

This course helps Android developers integrate ML into their apps. It offers a basic introduction to machine learning and TensorFlow Lite on Android.

7) Google Cloud Training:

This isn’t one course, but a suite of courses that delve into how to integrate machine learning solutions using Google Cloud tools like AutoML and BigQuery ML.

8) Breathe Life into Your Android Apps with Machine Learning:

This Google Codelab tutorial is specifically designed for Android developers looking to integrate ML features into their applications.

9) Kaggle’s Machine Learning and Data Science:

Google-owned Kaggle is a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions. They host datasets, have a vibrant community, and provide free courses on Python, machine learning, deep learning, and other relevant topics.

10) PairCode by Google:

This initiative focuses on creating understandable AI. They offer various resources and tools to help developers create AI systems that are more transparent and can be easily interpreted by users.

Since the landscape of online learning is ever-evolving, always keep an eye out for new courses or updates to existing ones.

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