HEC Launches Graduate Education Policy (GEP-2023)

Graduate Education Policy (GEP-2023)

Islamabad: The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has revealed its exceptionally expected Graduate Education Policy 2023 (GEP-2023). The strategy that denotes a critical achievement for advanced education foundations in Pakistan is accessible at: https://www.hec.gov.pk/site/gep


Over a time of twenty years, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) acquainted different strategies to improve the nature of graduate projects in Pakistan. Pretty much, these strategies were centered around program-level least standards, for example, capability, passage test, CGPA, CH, coursework, distribution, paper, administrative burden and rules, and workforce necessities. In the meantime, HEC additionally gave a few strengthening warnings explaining the given models in pieces. Notwithstanding this, the value of graduate training has forever involved concern. Ultimately, HEC gave its arrangement for Ph.D. Program in 2021; in any case, it got little help from the nation’s scholarly community because of conflict with a few parts of the strategy. Many felt that the design was too centered around coursework and not on research. Learning through the experience, the Administrator HEC chose to audit the system again through input from the whole scholarly community. Subsequently, the HEC presented the reconsidered Graduate Training Strategy 2023 (GEP-2023).

HEC’s NOC (No Objection Certificate)

The approach perceives the worth of both neighborhood and unfamiliar abilities by presenting outside assessments directed by native Teachers and unfamiliar evaluators. This comprehensive methodology expects to guarantee an exhaustive evaluation of scholarly guidelines. Besides, the strategy exhibits its adaptability by acquainting unwinding with the CGPA prerequisites for confirmation and offering a more powerful evaluation of the time length for degree fruition. It likewise smooths out the cycle for deciding personnel significance and the prerequisites for HEC’s NOC (No Objection Certificate) and endorsement to become a doctoral boss.

The approach gives clear rules and proposes components to reinforce the execution of these standards at the institutional level, guaranteeing consistency and transparency.

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