Top 5 Chinese Movies to Watch This Spring Festival Holiday

Celebrating the Spring Festival with Chinese Cinema

As the Spring Festival approaches, it’s time to indulge in the vibrant world of Chinese cinema. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, drama, fantasy, or action, there’s something for everyone on the screen. Here are nine must-watch Chinese movies that will add joy and excitement to your Spring Festival holiday.

China’s domestic film industry has grown rapidly in the last ten years, both in terms of revenue from the box office and production volume.

Regarding the latter, the spring festival is the season that matters most for box office performance. The media has increasingly focused on the Spring Festival season as the pinnacle season for major domestic film releases, particularly in the last several years.

Movies usually earn an extra 32.3% during the Chinese Spring Festival and the National Day Holiday. The most popular genres are sci-fi and action movies, with comedy coming in second (Li et al., 2022, 128). About 12.3 percent of the total earnings for the previous year came from box office receipts during the Spring Festival.

1. YOLO 热辣滚烫


Title: Chinese title: 热辣滚烫 Rèlà Gǔntàng, ‘Sizzling Hot‘; English title: YOLO
Premiere: February 10, 2024
Genre: Comedy/Sports Drama
Runtime: 129 minutes
Directed by: Jia Ling (贾玲), who previously also directed the 2021 Hi, Mom (你好,李焕英) movie.
Screenplay by: Sun Jibin (孙集斌), who also did the screenplay for Hi, Mom. The film is based on the Japanese 2014 movie 100 Yen Love (百円の恋, Hyakuen no Koi).
Starring: Jia Ling (贾玲), Jia Yinlei (雷佳音), Zhang Xiaofei (张小斐), Yang Zi (杨紫), Sha Yi (沙溢).
 About: OLO (热辣滚烫), which will hit Chinese theaters on February 10, tells the story of Le Ying (乐莹), who has withdrawn from social life and isolated herself at home ever since graduation. Trying to get her life back on track, Le Ying meets a boxing coach.


2. Pegasus 2 飞驰人生2


Title: Chinese title: 飞驰人生2 Fēichí Rénshēng 2, High-speed Life 2; English title: Pegasus 2
Premiere: February 10, 2024
Genre: Genre: Comedy/Sports Drama
Runtime: 129 minutes
Directed by: Han Han (韩寒)
Screenplay by: Han Han (韩寒)
Starring: Shen Teng (沈腾), Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞), Yin Zheng (尹正), Zhang Benyu (张本煜), Sun Yizhou (孙艺洲).
About: This is the sequel to Pegasus (2019), the 2019 Spring Festival blockbuster about passionate rally driver Zhang Chi (张驰, played by Shen Tang), who had to step away from racing due to a ban for illegal street racing. But he never gave up on his dream. Now, he’s gearing up for a major comeback, facing new competition.


3. Article 20 第二十条


Title: Chinese title: 第二十条 Dì èrshí tiáo; English title: Article 20
Premiere: February 10, 2024
Genre: Comedy/Family Drama
Runtime: 141 minutes
Directed by: Zhang Yimou (张艺谋)
Screenplay by: Li Meng (李萌)
Starring: Lei Jiayin (雷佳音), Ma Li (马丽), Zhao Liying (赵丽颖), Gao Ye (高叶), Liu Yaowen (刘耀文)
About: Zhang Yimou’s Article 20 tells the story of prosecutor Han Ming (韩明, Lei Jiayin) who is facing a particularly difficult legal case at work while navigating complicated situations at home, especially after his son got into a fight with the son of the school leader.


4. The Movie Emperor 红毯先生

The Movie Emperor

Title: Chinese title: 红毯先生 Hóngtǎn Xiānshēng, Mr. Red Carpet; English title: The Movie Emperor
Premiere: February 10, 2024
Genre: Comedy/ Drama
Runtime: 127 minutes
Directed by: Zhu Hao (宁浩)
Screenplay by: Liu Xiaodan (刘晓丹), Wang Ang (王昂)
Starring: Andy Lau (刘德华), Pal Sinn Lap-man (单立文), Rima Zeidan (瑞玛·席丹), Yu Weiguo (余伟国), and Ning Hao (宁浩).
About: Andy Lau plays the main character in this film, a renowned Hong Kong film star who is preparing for a major comeback in a rural-themed film.


5. Viva La Vida 我们一起摇太阳

Title: Chinese title: 们一起摇太阳 Wǒmen Yìqǐ Yáo Tàiyáng, Shake the Sun Together; English title: Viva La Vida
Premiere: February 10, 2024
Genre: Romantic comedy-drama
Runtime: 129 minutes
Directed by: Han Yan (韩延)
Screenplay by: Han Yan (韩延), Li Liangwen (李亮文), Wang Xiaoyi (王小艾), Yang Fuzhi (杨富芝)
Starring: Peng Yuchang (彭昱畅), Li Gengxi, aka Teresa Li (李庚希), Xu Fan (徐帆), Gao Yalin (高亚麟), Liu Dan (刘丹).
About: This is the third and final movie in director Han Yan’s “Life Trilogy” of uplifting films centered around the theme of battling cancer. It follows the successes of the previous hits, Go Away, Mr. Tumor, and A Little Red Flower, released in 2015 and 2020, respectively.

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