Will Mahira Khan Get Married Next Month?

Anushay Talha Khan, manager and team member of Pakistani superstar actress Mahira Khan, commented on local media rumors that the illustrious actor was getting married a second time.

According to these sources, Mahira’s wedding would occur in September at a well-known hill station in Punjab, with close family and friends in attendance.

According to the rumor, the actress would wed Salim Karim, a dear friend of many years.

Anushay called the reports “irresponsible journalism” when Geo. TV contacted her to confirm or reject the news.

According to Khan’s team members, the reports have been published without an official statement from the actress’s family or team. Meanwhile, the actor’s manager has neither confirmed nor denied the news.

The news of Khan’s marriage had previously made its way across social media. The singer of Humsafar was allegedly planning to marry Karim in Turkey four years ago, according to rumors.

However, the Bol actress rejected the rumors.

Ali Askari and Mahir were wed in 2007; however, their marriage terminated in 2015 when they separated. The star gave birth to her son, Azlan, from her first marriage, who is now 13 years old.

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