Cases of Influenza Virus Rising in Karachi

Rising Influenza Cases in Karachi

A disquieting upswing in instances of respiratory maladies, encompassing influenza and pneumonia, is presently manifesting in Karachi. Dr. Halar Shaikh, a seasoned practitioner at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi, attests to a burgeoning prevalence of the influenza virus, particularly among the city’s elderly denizens.

Influenza virus cases on the rise in Karachi

According to Dr. Halar:

Approximately 70% of reported cases pertain to influenza, with the remaining 30% attributed to assorted forms of pneumonia. A spectrum of symptoms, including elevated body temperature, persistent cough, bodily discomfort, nasal discharge, cephalalgia, and throat irritation, afflict a majority of patients, symptomatic of the pervasive influenza outbreak.

Influenza virus cases are on the rise in Karachi:

Infected individuals are counseled to observe a minimum 24-hour confinement within their residences, curtailing interpersonal interactions, and refraining from travel.

The health department of Sindh underscores the imperative of influenza vaccination as the quintessential prophylactic measure against the prevailing contagion. It is deemed the paramount step to safeguard against the insidious reach of the influenza virus, according to their recommendations.

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