Complete Pakistani Election Duty List in 2024: Check It Out Now

Election Duty Complete List in Pakistan 2024: Check Now

The Election Commission of Pakistan is set to announce the Official Duty List for 2024, and millions of voters are gearing up for the upcoming election of casting votes, which will choose 266 MPs.

The present elections will include an eclectic field of approximately 5,121 candidates, either standing individually or as members of political parties.

Election Commission of Pakistan

ECP Duty Schedule 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is tasked with releasing the Election Duty List for Polling Officers. The release lists the candidates nominated for election duty in the next general elections in 2024.

In addition, the ECP will provide specific instructions for field workers, including polling officers, assistant polling firms, and presiding officers.

Presiding officers, Assistant Presiding Officers List:          Check Online

General Election Duty List of Polling Officers:                     Check Online

List of Polling Officer Election Duties for 2024

Teachers and government officers received training last month on how to work as poll workers and assistant presiding officers.

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