IMF Agrees with Pakistan On a Us$3 Billion Backup Game Plan

IMF Agrees with Pakistan on a US$3 Billion Stand-by Arrangement

End-of-Mission official statements incorporate explanations of IMF staff groups that pass fundamental discoveries after visiting a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, the team will set up a report that subject to the executive’s endorsement, will be introduced to the IMF’s Chief Board for conversation and choice.

  • The IMF staff and the Pakistani specialists have arrived at a staff-level settlement on strategies to be upheld by a Backup Game plan (SBA). The staff-level understanding is dependent upon endorsement by the IMF Chief Board, with its thought anticipated by mid-July.


  • The new SBA will uphold the specialists’ quick endeavors to balance out the economy from late outside shocks, safeguard macroeconomic steadiness and give a system to support from multilateral and reciprocal accomplices. The new SBA will likewise make space for social and advancement spending through better homegrown income assembly and cautious spending execution to assist with tending to the necessities of the Pakistani public.


  • Enduring strategy execution is basic for Pakistan to conquer its ongoing difficulties, including through more prominent financial discipline, a market-decided conversion standard to retain outer tensions, and further advance the business environment.

Washington, DC – June 29, 2023:

Washington, DC – June 29, 2023: A Worldwide Money-related Asset (IMF) staff group driven by Mr. Nathan Doorman held face-to-face and virtual gatherings with Pakistani Specialists to examine another supporting commitment for Pakistan under an IMF Reserve Course of Action (SBA).

At the finish of the mission, Mr. Doorman gave the accompanying assertion:
The new SBA expands on the specialists’ endeavors under Pakistan’s 2019 EFF-upheld program which lapses end-June. This understanding is dependent upon endorsement by the IMF’s Chief Board, as most would consider it to be normal to think about this solicitation by mid-July.

The disastrous floods in 2022 influenced the existence of millions of Pakistanis and a worldwide item cost spike directly following Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. Because of these shocks as well as some arrangement slips up — remembering deficiencies from requirements for the working of the FX market — financial development has slowed down. Expansion, including for fundamental things, is exceptionally high. In spite of the specialists’ endeavors to lessen imports and the import/export imbalance, holds have declined to extremely low levels. Liquidity conditions in the power area likewise stay intense, with additional development of unfulfilled obligations (round obligation) and successive load-shedding.

The specialists have proactively made a progression of significant moves in front of the new program:

  • Parliament has endorsed the FY24 financial plan in accordance with the objectives of supporting monetary manageability and activating income, which will empower more prominent social and advancement spending.


  • The FY24 spending plan propels an essential overflow of around 0.4 percent of Gross domestic product by finding a way ways to expand the expense base and increment charge assortment from undertaxed areas, as well as further developing progressivity while guaranteeing space to reinforce support for the powerless through the BISP program.


  • The SBP has removed the direction on import prioritization and is focused on guaranteeing the full market assurance of the swapping scale. Going ahead, the SBP ought to stay proactive to diminish expansion, which especially influences the most defenseless, and keep an unfamiliar trade system liberated from limitations on installments and moves for current worldwide exchanges and various money rehearses.


Proceeded with endeavors to assemble monetary help from multilateral foundations and respective accomplices. Notwithstanding liberal environment-related vows from the January 2023 Meeting on Environment Tough Pakistan held in Geneva, the specialists’ endeavors have centered around getting new funding and getting the rollover of obligation falling due. This will uphold close-term strategy endeavors and renew gross stores, determined to carry them to additional agreeable levels. Public speculation about the executive’s system, including for projects expected to construct versatility to environmental change.

The full and opportune execution of the program will be basic for its outcome considering the troublesome difficulties.

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