Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan August 2023

ISLAMABAD – To reach the financial goals outlined in the agreement with the international lender, the caretaker administration announced an increase in the price of petrol and diesel.

The increase in the price of petrol and diesel by Rs17.50 and Rs20, respectively, to 290.45 and 293.40 a litre will only make people’s problems worse.

Worldwide Increase in Oil Prices:

Pakistan has pledged to impose a petroleum tax in addition to other stringent measures, such as raising more revenues and raising energy prices, which have already fueled inflation.
The IMF interfered in response to the growing pattern of financial dynamics and compelled the government to increase the price of its petroleum products.

Now we discuss the latest price of petrol in Pakistan. Will also increase further the petroleum prices in Pakistan. The cost of petrol in Pakistan as of 16 August 2023 can be applicable till 31 August 2023 and the latest price of petrol in Pakistan is shown below.

Fuel Type Petrol (MS)
Petrol Price till 16 August 2023 272.95(PKR)
Fluctuations Increase by PKR +17.50
Petrol Price from 1 August 2023 290.45(PKR)

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