Pakistan Election Results 2024 Live: Who’s Winning The Pakistan Polls?

More than 12 hours after the polls closed, Pakistan woke to an air of uncertainty over its future, uncertain of whether it would have a parliament led by a political dynasty or one that was “independent-led.”

About twenty-three hours after the polls closed in Karachi, the nation’s financial center, there is evident unease and anxiety. The latter was the outcome of what analysts, who seemed to be divorced from reality on the ground, described as a “surprise” by independent candidates, who were seen as leading the race ahead of the PML-N, the party that was favorite to win.


Latest results

  • Independents (including those affiliated with the PTI) – 49
  • PML-N – 38
  • PPP – 31
  • Others – 6

Announced: 124
Postponed: 1
Remaining: 141


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