Rain Disrupts Karachi Airport Flights

Rain Disrupts Karachi Airport Flights

Weather Update: Ground 20 Flights in Karachi

In a tumultuous turn of events, heavy rains in Karachi wreaked havoc on flight operations, causing significant disruptions both domestically and internationally. The inclement weather led to the cancellation of 20 flights on Sunday morning, with repercussions echoing through the day.

Flight Diversions and Operational Challenges

The PIA-Jeddah Lahore Flight PK 940 faced an unexpected diversion to Multan, while the Emirates Dubai-Karachi Flight EK-602, after a necessary refueling stop in Muscat, returned to Karachi. Unfortunately, due to the unavailability of aircraft, 16 PIA flights were rendered inoperable for the day, as conveyed by the airline’s spokesperson.

Flight Cancellations Across Routes

The cascading impact of the disrupted operations manifested in numerous flight cancellations across various routes. Notably, four Islamabad-Gilgit flights (PK-601, 602, 605, and 606) faced cancellation, along with four Karachi-Islamabad flights (PK-300, 301, 308, and 369). Two PIA Islamabad-Sukkur flights (PK-631 and 632) and PIA’s Dubai-Islamabad flight (PK-211 and 212) were also among the canceled flights.

Disrupted Regional Connections

Flight data highlighted cancellations for PIA flights PK-325 and PK-326 between Quetta and Islamabad, as well as PIA’s Lahore to Quetta flights PK-322 and 323. Adding to the list, a private airline’s Dubai-Islamabad flights PA 210 and 211 faced unfortunate cancellations. Additionally, two foreign airline flights from Doha to Multan also fell victim to the turbulent weather conditions.

Urban Flooding

While the airport bore the brunt of the weather, Karachi itself faced another annual challenge: urban flooding. Heavy rains inundated several main arteries, leading to severe traffic jams and power outages in various parts of the metropolis.

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, experiences urban flooding almost every year, resulting in tragic incidents of drowning and electrocution. The heavy rainfall on Saturday submerged key areas, including Shahrah-e-Faisal road, Old City area, Drigh Road, the NIPA flyover, and Natha Khan, leaving a trail of chaos and distress.

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